LVH ALS Foundation Update

This is a video created by DukeHealth and was presented during our 4th annual LVH ALS Foundation golf and dinner events. It features Dr. Richard Bedlack of the Duke ALS Clinic, Brett Hoge of the LVH ALS Foundation and Phil and Nnenna Freelon who are Philanthropists and patients of Dr. Bedlack. Why did we choose to support the Duke ALS Clinic? This video shows why we believe in Dr. Bedlack,  the Duke ALS clinic, and how valuable your financial support is to ending ALS!

– September 8, 2017

LVH ALS Foundation Update

This is a re-enactment of a speech given by Dr. Richard Bedlack at the LVH ALS Foundation’s annual Golf Tournament and Pig Roast, which was held September 9, 2016 at Bermuda Run CC.

– September 11, 2016

ALS Hope Foundation’s 14th Annual Research and Awards Luncheon

Dr. Richard Bedlack discusses ALS Reversals.

– March 31, 2015

April 30 event to benefit ALS research

WXII’s Kimberly Van Scoy talks about an April 30 event designed to benefit ALS research.

– Story aired April 6, 2015


The Conversation with Dr. Ali Kasraeian

Dr. Richard Bedlack Joins Dr. Ali Kasraeian on WOKV radio to talk about ALS and what the medical and caretaker community are doing to help quell the impact of this disease.

– Conversation aired March 21, 2015


Exciting news from the Duke ALS clinic and Dr. Bedlack

A new study conducted by Columbia University Medical Center was unveiled in the Journal of Science sharing an exciting discovery about ALS. Some of the research was done at Duke, and is exciting to our very own Dr. Richard Bedlack, a world-renowned expert, who hopes this and other recent discoveries will one day lead to a cure.

– Story aired February 20, 2015

We Made the News – The Ice Bucket Challenge

Check out Larry, Kim, and Brett as they bravely share the need to raise funds for research! We are so grateful to all who have been raising awareness and funds in this fight. It means the world to us.

– Story aired August 19,2014


A Message from the Hughes

A message from Kim and Larry Hughes, which was played during the 2014 LVH Benefit Dinner, thanking everyone.

A Message from Larry & Sarah Hughes with Dr. Richard Bedlack of the Duke ALS Research Clinic

Larry Hughes along with his daughter Sarah Hughes and Dr. Richard Bedlack discuss the impact of ALS in the hopes of raising awareness of the 30,000 Americans who are currently living with ALS. Their desire to raise funds for the LVH foundation, which will directly go to funding research in hopes of someday finding a cure for this horrible disease.

“I Am Second” Testimony by Larry Hughes

During his “I Am Second” Testimony, Larry Hughes reflects about his life, his relationship with God and how he has come to terms with his ALS diagnosis.

– November 2013 at Hillsdale United Methodist Church

Head and Shoulders

A short video produced by the Canada ALS Society that shows the hard truth about the effects of ALS.