Our Mission

Logo smallOur purpose is simple: change the lives of those who are directly and indirectly affected by ALS.

The mission of the LVH Foundation is to provide funding to endow a professorship of ALS at Duke University – not only to help those today with ALS, but more importantly to find a cure for ALS in the future.

The LVH ALS Foundation was established in 2014 by the family of the late Larry Vance Hughes.  It quickly became one of the largest most successful ALS foundations within North Carolina. Through a partnership with Duke University, the foundation is committed to raising funds and awareness to find a cure for ALS.

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Bedlack, Duke University in Durham, NC has one of the largest and most comprehensive ALS Clinics in the world. The professorship we seek to establish would allow Dr. Bedlack to focus solely on ALS patient care, research and advocacy, and would be one of only four in the country.

ALS (Amytropic Lateral Schlerosis) is a degenerative disease that leads to progressive weakness and ultimately death. To date, there is no cure for ALS, but we do have HOPE.

Your support will help us find a cure!