We are proud to be a part of the “Believe Team” for an exciting new initiative that’s setting a deadline for finding a cure for ALS by the year 2021. The by2021 initiative and challenge for the ALS organizations to band together and support this deadline was established by our good friend, Chris Rosati, who suffers personally from ALS.

More details will be coming out soon…in the meantime, Chris’ video will share some details as well as the press release we just put out that’s posted below. Stay tuned for more information on how YOU can support #by2021.


July 9, 2015

Local foundation throws support behind #by2021 in advance of Ice Bucket Challenge

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – The LVH ALS Foundation joins a growing list of ALS organizations, families and advocates endorsing a deadline to have a cure for ALS by 2021. The patient-driven initiative, identified by the hash tag #by2021, calls for the national ALS Association to commit to an actual timeline for having a cure by 2021.

“The #by2021 initiative perfectly aligns with the LVH ALS Foundation’s goal of finding a cure for ALS,” said Brett Hoge, founder of The LVH ALS Foundation created in honor of his father who passed away from ALS. “We are 100% behind our good friend, Chris Rosati”.

#by2021 began when Chris Rosati, who suffers from ALS, challenged the ALSA Association to publicly set a deadline. “ALSA does good work,” said Rosati who has been featured on CBS Evening News, Huffington Post and other outlets for spreading kindness. “But there’s a lack of input from us – the ones suffering. And the only way they can feel the urgency that we feel is by setting a deadline.”

Emulating John F. Kennedy’s call to reach the moon within the decade, Rosati is challenging the ALS Association to focus its efforts on the 2021 deadline, with financial support from the many ALS foundations around the country that are currently doing fundraising for research for a cure for ALS.

While waiting for the ALS Association to publically take up the challenge, Rosati is inviting key players to what he calls the “Believe Team”. This will include patients and caregivers, representatives from Congress, the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, media and nonprofits. He hopes that this cross-section of people will bring creativity and a unique perspective to the work of finding a cure. The LVH ALS Foundation has already joined the team.

“We need to stop making excuses about why we can’t find a cure. We need to take advantage of the awareness the Ice Bucket Challenge has created and challenge the brightest minds in research to find a cure by 2021,” said Hoge.

The LVH ALS Foundation, one of the largest and most successful ALS fundraising organizations in North Carolina, is committed to providing funding to endow a professorship of ALS at Duke University – not only to help those with ALS today, but also to find a cure in the future. Visit www.lvhalsfoundation.org for more information.

You can also follow the movement on social media by searching for #by2021 or visiting the website, http://by2021.org.


Beth Mack, Connect Marketing